Mercedes car rental in Dubai

Hire a Mercedes in Dubai for a day and more

Mercedez-Benz is one of the best and most popular German cars for its combination of excellence and style. Most drivers associate the name with quality, comfort and TCR. And since its amalgamation with Chrysler, Mercedes has acquired elegance too.

Reasons to Rent a Mercedes in Dubai

There are dozens of tourist attractions, cultural sights and shopping centres in Dubai and even more places to see outside the city area. You will not be able to visit them all without a car.mercedes car rental in dubai You will spend too much time on the roads if you use public transport. Plus, if you drive, you will have better chances to avoid possible traffic congestion, and there is a lot of that in Dubai.

Moreover, people in Dubai are used to good cars, and you will make a much better impression if you drive an expensive car, like Mercedes. Besides, renting a high-end car is cheaper in Dubai than in most big cities around the world, and it gives you an excellent opportunity to treat yourself on the road.

Reasons to Rent a Mercedes from Us

Our car rental service offers you:

  • The most reasonable price list in Dubai, a variety of bonuses and discounts and no hidden charges
  • Free delivery anywhere within the city area, including Dubai International Airport
  • Continuous professional and responsive customer support and mechanical services in the case of an emergency, free of charge
  • A quick and easy reservation procedure and no hassle with the paperwork

Rental Prices for Mercedes in Dubai

Most places in Dubai will charge you between  AED2,500 for renting a Mercedes. That is because many car rental services sub-rent their cars and take a commission for themselves. Fortunately, we own all vehicles in our fleet and can offer the lowest prices in Dubai for that reason.

Our rental prices for Mercedes cars range from AED3000 and AED2,300, depending on the model. And if you come to fetch the vehicle from our garage, we will make the rental price even lower or offer you extra free mileage. You will find our rental price list for each particular model in the table below.

Note: a 3% transaction fee will be charged for payments by credit card, and a 5% transaction fee will be charged for payments with American Express.

Rent a Mercedes in Dubai for an Hour

Another option we offer you is to rent a Mercedes per hour. That is an optimal solution if you:

  • Only need it to attend a business meeting,
  • Want to enjoy a ride for a few hours,
  • Arrive in Dubai only to change flights and don’t want to hang around the airport for hours.

TCR  Car Rental Deposit

We will require a deposit and return it within 21 workdays if we get the car back in good condition. We make deductions from deposits for:

  • Damages due to traffic accidents
  • Traffic fines
  • Toll-gate and parking fees
  • Extra mileage

You will find deposit amounts for each particular model in the table below.

Services Included in the Car Rental Price

  1. We provide free delivery anywhere within the city area, including Dubai International Airport.
    2. You will find free mileage for each particular model in the table below.
    3. The rental price covers our technical assistance and services in the case of an emergency.
    4. Continuous customer support on our toll-free telephone number is free of charge.

Services Not Included in the Car Rental Price

  1. Towing the car to and from Sharjah International Airport is not included.
    2. We will charge you for mileage above the daily allowance. You will find extra mileage for each particular model in the table below.
    3. The 5% VAT is not included.
    4. Refuelling will be your responsibility, but there will be a small amount of petrol in the tank when you get the car.
    5. If the car breaks down because you run out of petrol, all the consequent emergency measures will be at your expense.
    6. Our customers pay all their traffic fines, parking and toll-gate fees.

Documents Needed to Rent a Car in Dubai

  • Your ID to show you are at least 21
  • Your driver’s license (it has to be at least three years old if you are younger than 30)
  • A valid visa or an entry stamp in your passport
  • Car insurance for at least AED5,000 (we only provide basic insurance with the rent)

Note: US licenses are recognised in the UAE.

How to Rent a Porsche from Us

  1. Browse our Mercedes cars on the page to choose a model you would like to rent.
  2. Submit your reservation request online. Alternatively, you can call us, send us an e-mail or write to us on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook. You will find our contact details in the top right corner of the page. We accept pre-bookings within two months prior to the requested time.
  3. When you receive a request confirmation, send us your ID number and driver’s license. One of our managers will contact you to confirm your booking as soon as possible, and we will deliver your Mercedes to you right away or at the specified time.
  4. Inspect the car when we deliver it to you, and if you are happy with it, sign a contract with our agent.
  5. Enjoy the ride. We will let you know a few hours before your lease expires.

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